Defending Strategies For A Drug Possession Charge

Defending Strategies For A Drug Possession Charge


Being informed of your options is essential if you are accused of drug possession. The simplest way to deal with the legal system is by having a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at your side because it may be very complicated.

Choosing a skilled criminal defense attorney may benefit from their expertise and extensive experience to help you obtain the best result for your case.

Defending strategies for a drug possession charge

There are several defenses that may be utilized in Los Angeles to fight a drug offense. Challenging the evidence that backs up the idea of possession is probably the most common kind of defense.

When someone is charged with having marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, or any illegal drug in their presence, the Commonwealth has first to prove that the accused actually had the illegal drug in their possession.

There are three typical defenses against possession:

  • Showing the lack of possession or the lack of a confirmed possession
  • Using legal arguments to either suppress or eliminate evidence of possession
  • showing the Commonwealth’s failure to determine the supposed illegal substance’s chemical composition.

Helping the prosecutor in resolving the charge

You might want to resolve the case if you have been convicted of a drug-related offense. If you do not have a lot of criminal history, the prosecution might give these choices as a compromise:

CWOF: CWOF is a declaration of a drug offense but does not result in a conviction or license suspension. Although a CWOF is not generally the best option, it could be in your particular case.

Pretrial Probation: Under certain circumstances, such as proving that you are free of drugs or undergoing therapy, the district attorney might consent to a case being dropped with limitations. In return for not admitting to any illegal action, you agree to the terms of pretrial probation. As a result, your case is dropped.

Guilty plea with probation: If you have a criminal history, a guilty plea with probation can be the most suitable choice. Provisional probation can be your best choice if you are facing prison time in some situations.

Speak with a criminal defense attorney.

Contact your lawyer if you have any questions regarding how to combat a drug charge or if signing a plea agreement or going to trial is better. They will set your mind at ease and walk you through the procedure.

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