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Six Reasons Why Video Content Marketing is More Important Than Ever


With so much content on the internet every day, there is so much to compete against, catch and hold on to the audience’s attention, make your mark, and build your brand. With YouTube, live streams, TikTok, Instagram IGTV, and reels, video content has become one of the topmost content consumed by people worldwide. So if you want your brand to get noticed by your target audience and influence them to invest in your business, you might want to consider the many benefits of video content marketing. 

Here are six reasons why video content marketing is important more than ever. 

  1. Impressive investment returns 

If you have a well-organized, quality content strategy from content planning, executing, and promoting, then you can expect a good return on your investment. 

You will be surprised to know that curating video content is not as expensive as expected. With the advent of free online video makers and video editors, anyone and everyone with a mobile phone can create professional-looking high-end videos. Moreover, it is not time-consuming and can be created in just seconds! You also do not need expensive video equipment. You can film a video on your phone, edit it with the help of a video editor, and you are good to go. Nowadays, there are a lot of video editors and video makers that provide free templates, themes, and other features to use in your video. 

  1. People are attracted to video 

People love watching videos since the accessibility of video content is now convenient more than ever. Moreover, if your content is well-tailored, has good quality, and has a striking storyline, you are sure to leave a mark on your audience. If you can make your audience stay on your video content for more than five seconds, then it is proof that they are interested in your video and want to learn more about your brand. 

Make sure that you highlight your company’s morals, values, and mottos to showcase what your brand stands for. Tell a story behind your brand to reel your audience and use emotion in your video so that your audience can relate to you. You also need to prove that you care about your viewers, are considerate of their needs and wants, and wish to help them out. In this way, you can win your viewers’ trust. 

  1. Videos boost SEO 

Videos are great for SEO. SEO or search engine optimization tailors your content to make sure that you get noticed by the search engines to rank your webpage or video on search engines’ webpage. 

You can upload your video content on the landing page of your website to increase the time a viewer stays on your webpage. More time spent by a viewer on your webpage results in greater chances of ranking by Google on their SERPs. If you manage to get yourself ranked on Google’s SERPs, you will be noticed by people searching for answers related to your industry. 

  1. Video is versatile 

Video can be used in many ways for many purposes. It would be best to research the different types of videos you can publish for your brand and come up with a video marketing campaign that fits your company’s goals. You can video stories for Instagram and Snapchat that disappears after 24 hours or make reels and IGTV videos that stay on your feed for as long as you desire. Social media is a good place to build viewer engagement and understand your audience. 

You can also upload live interactive videos to talk to your audience and build connection and trust among them or incorporate videos in your webinars where you use video content to answer your audience’s questions about your brand. 

Moreover, there are different genres of videos that you need to consider. For example, are you planning to create a video for your brand or product launch? Include testimonials? Give your audience a sneak peek into your brand through behind-the-scenes videos? Or explain to them how your brand and products work through how-to and explainer videos? Again, different genres are for different video goals, and each has its benefit. 

  1. Video boosts conversion rates 

According to a recent study, including videos on your products and service pages can increase the purchase rate by 144%. To boost your conversion rates, it is suggested that you make educational and informative videos. Videos like how-to’s and explainer videos have a huge impact on the audience. By making educational videos, you are showcasing your experience and professional knowledge in your industry and building trust among your audience. 

Introduce your brand, products, and story to your audience through video marketing. These are entertaining for your customers on the internet to look for solutions to their problems. By introducing your brand as a solution, you will be converting your viewers into buyers in no time. 

Although, do not go overboard before doing your research. Make sure that you educate yourself on the current trends since they are always changing. Make sure that your video content is engaging. Include your videos on your service pages to boost sales and increase conversion rates. 

  1. Videos are shared 

It would help if you worked towards increasing your brand visibility. Video is the perfect type of content since it is shareable. Especially with the rise of popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, sharing videos has become a personal form of communication between people. 

By people sharing your videos, you are tapping into a new audience. Sharing videos can be considered a digital form of word-of-mouth marketing. 

The bottom line is that video marketing is huge. It is growing, and it is the next big thing. So scoop in and start working on your video marketing campaign to ensure that you do not miss out on the competition. Although it is not as simple as it sounds, the key is to make good quality videos that are relevant and resonate with your brand and the industry. So what are you waiting for! Start creating now!

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