In Electric vehicle technology, the electric vehicles courses mainly specialize in battery design systems, EV systems, and simulation. They are excellent for non-engineers and engineers who expect to enter the industry of electric vehicles. It conducts to impart new and developing notions in the field of EV and provides students with a great skill to model, design, analyze, and check the components and entire system’s functionality and activity. The modules mainly comprise operation and technology of EV, design of EV battery with Matlab, design of EV powerTrain with Matlab, Matlab mastering for mechanical engineering, python for engineering, etc. 

This electric course initiates applicants into various new innovating fields of electric vehicles. In addition, it assists them in getting an understanding of the basic concepts of a battery-based electric vehicle, its dynamics, power electronics, motors, charging, batteries, etc. In this course, the instructor will provide live classes, demonstrations and lecture sessions so that you will understand this concept clearly. 

Who can join this course?

  • Any diploma student, UG student, working professional or other industry persons who have some basic understanding of electronics. 
  • Learners seeking Engineering, 
  • Specialists are struggling with the Electronic /Electric Industry.
  • Researchers and scholars
  • Teaching specialists & staff members

Prevailing Global Workforce Scenario

Since the industrial revolution, the global automotive industry has always believed in its skilled workers and technical persons. During the last decade, when the revolution of electric vehicle technology occurred, the condition has modified a little. Each country encompassing the leading manufacturing giants of electrical automatic such as the EU and UK has employed more than 3.5 million individuals in such an emerging field. Even though India is looking for at least 20 million individuals who are experts in this field, such as EV Engineers, researchers, technicians, and workers, as soon as there occurs a developing focus on changing the mode of transportation from ICE vehicles to a type of EV (Electric Vehicles), there will be several jobs chances for the workers of this field, whether existing workers or fresh minds. 

The limitations or drawbacks of the general academic curriculum associated with the manufacturing of electric vehicles, battery supervision systems and charging infrastructure leaves no option for the academicians and enthusiasts of electric vehicles but to seek independent courses in Electric Vehicle training. In India, various independent institutions provide comprehensive and detailed courses in Electric Vehicles to experienced professionals and students. Apart from offline mode, various online platforms also provide such courses. 

Different kinds of Electric Vehicle Training Courses

The industrial organizations and institutions of Indian academics have been striving to approximate the increasing demands of skilled and competent workers in Electric Vehicles. The recommendations of the Institute of Rocky Mountain and Niti Ayog encompass an improvement of a ‘Nationalised Learning Platform’ for various academic institutions, researchers, private and Government stakeholders, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). 


The Indian Government is also developing the platform of Swayam and increasing the NPTEL courses level to furnish various industry certification programs. But due to the lack of the best IT infrastructure, there are multiple delays. Still, there are many options of institutions of independent certification that are approved by many public and governmental institutions such as Central Staff Training and Research Institute (CSTARI), Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC), Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI ), etc.

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